A bit about me and my journey as a marketing professional and ultimate tennis nerd

My name is Niina and I... am a marketing professional. am a 100% tennis nerd. have a mean volley game. love to keep improving in what I do. have more than 60 tennis books. can help you!

I'm on a mission!

I want to help as many people as possible find the great sport of tennis into their lives by helping tennis businesses/players/coaches reach as many potential tennis fans as possible.

A bit about my background as a marketing professional

I have years…well, decades of experience in both marketing and tennis. Having worked both in the biggest corporations and the smallest startups, I know what it takes to get your message heard and your service out there, in front of the right people, at the right time.
The biggest achievement of my career is probably the launch of a global music streaming service for Nokia/Microsoft called MixRadio. As Global Marketing Activation Manager, I worked hands on with different teams in 15 countries across the world, building awareness around the service and getting those user numbers up. For this, I even won the prestigious yearly Nokia Innovation & Excellence Award!

What makes me an exceptional tennis marketer – apart from the fact that I have absolute unconditional love for the game 😉

The most enjoyable projects of my career have been the ones to do with tennis – paid or not! Not only am I a huge tennis nerd with possibly the biggest tennis book collection in Finland (60 and counting), I also have a background in competitive junior tennis (recently at a very much slower pace as an adult club player). I’ve also been fortunate enough to work for Jarkko Nieminen, former ATP #13 player, as his Social Media Manager. Working with Jarkko gave me a unique insight into the world of professional tennis.
So, I wanted to give something back to the sport that has given me so much and that I’ve loved my whole life. Since I was a 5-year old starting with my very first wooden Slazenger racquet on a clay court by the seaside in a tiny town on the south coast of Finland, tennis has played a huge part in my life. So, I thought, I know marketing, I know tennis – why not combine those two and help as many people as possible find the great sport of tennis.

Simply put, I'm dedicated to help coaches, players & businesses to bring more people around the beautiful game of tennis.

Please do get in touch if you need more customers for your coaching business, new members for your tennis club, help with launching a new tennis product/service – or if you just want to have a free consultation first and a nice chat about tennis among a fellow enthusiast. I’d love to discuss how I can help you and your tennis business!
P.S. If you’re not convinced just yet, feel free to read more about my experience on LinkedIn, read through some of the reviews on the home page and follow my business on Insta.